Nintendo reportedly held E3’s highest peak viewership at over 3 million

Does that make them the winner?

Image via E3

Over the weekend and early into this week, E3 held its annual exhibition showcasing plenty of new games from brands coming in the near future–but Nintendo’s presentation rose above the rest.

On June 15, the final day of E3, Nintendo held their presentation before a three-hour-long Treehouse gameplay showcase. According to Stream Hatchet, Nintendo drew in a peak viewership of over three million viewers for their main presentation.

This reported number is substantially higher than other companies during the event, with Xbox coming in second at 2.3 million viewers. These numbers were combined figures from broadcasts on both Twitch and YouTube.

Despite not delivering exactly what fans were expecting from the showcase, Nintendo shared some of the upcoming plans for their biggest properties, including a new Metroid title, Wario Ware for the Switch, and an update on a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, to come sometime in 2022.

Besides Nintendo and Xbox, multiple game studios recorded viewerships of over one million. These included Ubisoft who gave fans a new look at their upcoming Rainbow 6 Extraction title, Square Enix who revealed their Guardians of the Galaxy RPG launching on October 6, and Devolver Digital, who reportedly had 1.1 million viewers tune into their presentation.

It’s hard to say exactly who won E3 but with the figures as they are, it looks as though Nintendo may have emerged on top.