Nintendo 64 could be coming to Nintendo Switch Online according to insider

The report also claims that they'll introduce a higher subscription tier.

Image via Nintendo

Vintage consoles have been something that fans have been longing for on the Nintendo Switch since its release. And over the last few weeks, there’s been more talk of these coming in the future.

Nintendo 64 games will also be coming soon, but there’s a catch, according to the same insider who shared Nintendo’s plans to bring Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to Nintendo Switch Online.

Speaking on his podcast, Nintendo insider NateDrake claimed that the N64 will come with a new tier of online subscription for Nintendo Switch Online.

“Eurogamer went one step further, having noted that additional platforms will also be added to Nintendo Switch Online in the future,” NateDrake explained. “And today I would like to add to that, yes – that information is accurate and one of the platforms that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch Online in the future is the revolutionary Nintendo 64.”

“What I’m going to propose, is that when Nintendo 64 does come to Nintendo Switch Online it is going to come with a higher-priced tier – a premium version of Nintendo Switch Online, if you will.”

The YouTuber stated that the increase will not be double the current subscription fee, but instead just a few extra dollars a month. While he wasn’t aware of the timeline for when this content would be introduced, NateDrake guesses that it could be at some point within this financial year.

Given this is the first news we’ve heard of Nintendo 64 titles coming to Nintendo Switch Online, there has been no official confirmation from Nintendo. Fans eager for these vintage titles will need to hold out hope for an official announcement in the future.