Ninja and Reverse2k are trying to beat a Fortnite duo world record

They only need 14 more wins to beat the duo wins world record.

Screengrab via Ninja

Two of the biggest Fortnite celebrities are attempting to beat a duo world record today.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner are trying to beat the win streak record in duos, which is 42 wins in a row, according to Fortnite tracker.

This is an incredibly difficult task, but Ninja and Reverse2k have already won 29 games in a row. This means that they only need 13 more wins to match the world record and 14 to beat it. But they can’t lose a single game, otherwise this record attempt will be finished. 

These two Fortnite players are skilled enough to win the majority of duo matches that they play, so it seems like they could be a shoo-in to beat this record within the next day or two. 

Even if they don’t set the new world record for a duos win streak, they’re still ninth on the leaderboard and will most likely at least stay in that position considering the difficulty of the task. 

Their last game on stream was intense since Ninja needed to be revived in the late game. But Reverse2k got the last kill and the Victory Royale for the pair. Reverse2k confirmed that the final games will be streamed today on both his and Ninja’s channels. 

Ninja has gone for multiple world records in the past. He used to hold the duo-vs-squads most eliminations record, but he was overtaken earlier this year. 

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