NICKMERCS’ streaming setup: Controller, headset, monitor, and more

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Screengrab via NICKMERCS

Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff runs one of the most well known Fortnite streams on Twitch.

NICKMERCS began his career creating Call of Duty content on a console where he would compete in many tournaments over the years. The streamer’s online exposure in the gaming community grew substantially when he and his squad broke the world record for most squad kills in Fortnite, soon after breaking their record again to bring the total to 55.

That wouldn’t be the only record NICKMERCS would hold to his name when he and a friend broke the record for most kills as a duo with a total of 46 between them.

Over the years, he has made substantial improvements to his streaming setup, most recently in December 2019, investing in a top-of-the-line streaming studio to take his quality to the next level.

While you don’t need a dedicated studio to break records like NICKMERCS, investing in quality gear will assist you in ensuring you are producing a high-quality stream and gaming to your fullest potential.

Controller: SCUF Infinity4PS PRO MFAM

Image via Scuf Gaming

Gaming on a PC with a controller is not the most common approach. Using a controller will generally put you at a disadvantage due to the limited number of buttons that can be used. Another reason it can be difficult is having to remove your thumb from the joystick when you are required to press specific buttons.

Scuf Gaming has solved this issue by adding customizable buttons onto their controllers. The paddles on the back of the controller allow the user to press buttons they otherwise would not have been able to without removing their thumbs from the joysticks.

NICKMERCS has a partnership with Scuf controllers, choosing to use his signature model the Infinity4ps Pro.

If you are going to be gaming on PC with a controller it is necessary to get one that is optimized to produce the best performance.

Headset: Astro A50 Wireless

Image via Astro Gaming

Sound is one of the most important aspects of gaming. Without hearing the audio queues, you will not be able to compete at your full potential.

When it comes to the right headset there is often debate around wireless or wired. In today’s age, the difference is not major as technology has evolved to the point that quality loss over wireless is almost unnoticeable.

A big name in the gaming headset space for years now has been Astro. Initially being embraced by the console gaming community, Astro has been delivering quality wired and wireless gaming headsets over the past 12 years.

NICKMERCS has an Astro A50 wireless headset as a part of his streaming setup. Having used Astros for many years as a competitive Call of Duty player, Nick chooses to stick with them due to their overall impressive quality and durability.

With a high-quality microphone built into the headset, this is the perfect all-in-one communications device for anyone getting into streaming.

Monitor: Alienware AW2518H

Image via Dell

Having the best sound can only be matched with the best quality display. Having a high-quality monitor is not something that should be skipped out on. When purchasing a monitor, the refresh rate is what you’ll need to look out for the most. You want something with a high refresh rate, preferably 144hz.

NICKMERCS’ has opted for the Alienware AW2518H for his setup. The 24.5” monitor has a lightning-fast 240hz native refresh rate as well as a one-millisecond response time. This monitor is designed to be adjustable to ensure that it will suit any setup it’s a part of.

Make sure that you consider the hardware you have before purchasing a high-refresh rate monitor to ensure it will perform at the optimal level.

Graphics Card: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 TI

Image via ASUS

To ensure your setup is capable of supporting a high-refresh rate monitor, one thing you must consider is the graphics card. A top-of-the-line graphics card that will support any situation necessary is the GeForce RTX 2080 TI.

NICKMERCS is one of many big-name streamers who use this card since it is reliable and more than equipped to handle the stress that gaming and streaming can put on your graphics card.

This industry-standard card will suit whatever you need is if you add it to your setup.

CPU: Intel Core I9-9900K

Image via Intel

Having a high-quality CPU is just as important as having a good graphics card. The CPU is integral to ensure that your computer can respond to new information as fast as possible.

Nick uses the Inter Core I9-9900K processor in his gaming setup. This top of the line CPU boasts a base clock speed of 3.6GHz. Having a CPU at this level ensures that your PC can handle whatever tasks it needs to regardless of how CPU intensive the process is.

Inside NICKMERCS’ streaming PC, he opts to use an even more intense CPU, the AMD Ryzen 3900X, since this CPU has to be responsible for not only his stream but also all the lighting and security inside his studio.

While a lot of popular games don’t require a CPU of this magnitude, it is always smart to plan for the future and what upcoming games will require so you are prepared.

Webcam: Logitech C922

Image via Logitech

Having a webcam is another important part of creating a streaming setup. While it’s not a necessity, having a webcam can allow you to engage with your audience further by supplying them with a look at your reaction to the gameplay.

NICKMERCS’ streaming camera is the Logitech C922. This camera is used by many streamers since it is high quality and cost-effective option to choose. The 1080p 60fps camera allows for crystal clear video. The inbuilt light correction enables the camera to be used in a majority of setup locations.

The C922 also offers replaceable background features should the user chose to use them.

This industry-standard webcam is a bargain for its price tag, and the performance it delivers is virtually unmatched by competitors in the same price range.

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