Niantic to begin testing increased item variety in Pokémon Go’s Daily Free Box

More items might be appearing in the daily boxes.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has been offering free Daily Boxes to Pokémon Go players for a while now, and there might be a few bonuses popping up starting this week too. 

As part of its next wave of updates, Niantic is going to be testing an increase in the variety of items that can be obtained in the Daily Boxes. 

This increased item pool will go into effect on March 12, with no specific details available on if it is only affecting certain areas or players. All Niantic said is that it will be a test for the Daily Free Boxes and will be out for “a randomly selected small number of users.”

With this test, players can expect the Daily Free Boxes and guaranteed Pokémon encounters to continue being part of the item rotation in the game for the foreseeable future. The features were first announced as a test last June and have since been made available to all players. 

To get your Daily Free Box, simply go to the shop and claim the box in the “Free” section. The box will contain different items each time, so be sure to claim your Daily Free Box every day to see what items you can get.