Niantic resolves Pokémon Go Friendship XP gain errors, gives affected players makeup XP

The XP has already been added to impacted accounts.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has officially fixed an issue in Pokémon Go that affected Friendship XP gain for players in the app. 

The bug impacted players globally between April 11 and 20. This included players who participated in raids with their friends, where they would not receive notifications or a change in the Friendship XP despite their Friendship levels increasing. 

Multiple players noted they had been raiding with new and old friends of varying levels, with many saying they have lost out on as much as 800,000 XP because of this bug. Of those reports, most affected players submitted error tickets and were gifted Lucky Eggs in response, but many feel that it isn’t enough to justify the lost work put into grinding XP. 

At one point, Niantic began advising players to avoid using Lucky Eggs until the issue was resolved. 

Now, Niantic has given any player that used a Lucky Egg between April 11 and 20 150,000 XP to make up for the error. 

This makeup reward will not appear in the Journal like makeup items typically would and has instead been directly added to any affected player’s accounts.