Niantic increases Pokemon Go storage capacity ahead of Go Fest 2022

It's time to get catching.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go players have received a surprise ahead of Go Fest 2022 that will allow them to make the most of the event. Niantic today announced the Pokémon and Item storage cap in the game has been lifted by 450 and will receive another boost of 50 at the beginning of Go Fest.

This change means players can now store more than 6000 Pokémon and 5000 items. There should be more than enough storage space now for even the longest-time players.

To take advantage of this storage space you’ll need to upgrade your bag by redeeming PokeCoins. You can do this from the in-game shop and navigate to the Storage Upgrades section. You’ll purchase 50 new slots at a time so adding all 450 newly made available may cost quite a bit.

If you’re planning on taking advantage of Go Fest and currently have a massive collection of Pokémon this upgrade should come as a relief meaning you won’t need to sacrifice too many Pokémon in your current collection for catching space.

Go Fest will be held over the weekend kicking off on June 4 and running through June 5. During this event, there are plenty of raids to participate in with Pokémon featured including a costumed version of Pikachu.

Fans can expect all of the storage upgrades to be in place when Pokémon Go Fest 2022 kicks off which will be as the clock ticks over to June 4 in each timezone.