Niantic expands Pokémon Go Friend List limit to 400

More room to add and refer friends to the game.

Image via Niantic

To coincide with the launch of its referral feature, Pokémon Go has updated its Friend List system to allow players to add more friends and potentially get more rewards. 

Starting today, players will now be able to add 400 friends to their Friend List, double the previous 200 limit that players had been complaining about for months.

This is all part of Niantic’s move to try and get more active players involved in Pokémon Go and interacting with other active players. 

With the referral system, the bonuses apply to players who are joining the world of Pokémon Go for the first time or returning from an extended break. Specifically, referral codes will be applicable to all new players who have not played Pokémon Go before and any player that has been inactive for 90 days or more.

With the new 400 friend limit, players will be able to invite new players to reap the rewards of the referral system and continue interacting with any active players that are already playing too. 

Further updates could be coming too as Niantic continues to add more features to the game, but for now, only the friend limit upgrade has been confirmed.


Cale Michael
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