New World Pirate Pack 2 available now via Prime Gaming

Score yourself some free loot.

Amazon has provided players of their latest MMO New World with more free goodies this week thanks to their Prime Gaming subscription.

Prime Gaming members can head to the website and redeem themselves a new Pirate-themed Sword weapon skin and emote from today until Nov. 1. Pirate Pack No. 2 is the second part of Prime Gaming’s New World initiative that will run through to the end of the year.

The first pirate pack boasted the Swashbuckler Skin, Pirate Stance Emote, and 5000 Marks of Fortune. Now the second pack will bring players the Pirate Sword skin, Three Crests, and the Cutthroat Emote.

To redeem these rewards simply head to the Prime Gaming website. If you’ve yet to do so, you’ll need to connect your Amazon account to your Steam account in order to collect your loot. Once you’ve followed the connection process and things are linked, you’ll need to just click claim on the rewards and they’ll automatically appear in-game.

Skins can be equipped by right-clicking on equipped weapons or armor within the inventory tab. From this skin menu simply choose your new look and it will be applied to any weapon within that class that you wield. You can remove or change this skin from the same menu.

You’ve got a few weeks to claim the Pirate Packs before they are gone for good, so make sure you do so. On Oct. 26, the next pack will become available.