New report suggests Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ model will offer a built-in ethernet port, replace the kickstand

There are more alleged details about the improved dock, console, and a warning about limited units at launch.

Photo via Max Pixel

The last two days have seen multiple reports about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro model launching as early as September and a reveal potentially coming before the company’s E3 2021 presentation. And now, Spanish games news publication Vandal has provided some additional details that are reportedly from an Asian peripheral manufacturer that’s already had access to at least the designs for the console. 

The report doesn’t share specifics of any internal hardware, but it does claim that the system will offer 4K upscaling for compatible titles when docked and the OLED screen that’s been previously touched on. It also claims the console will remain at a similar size, which should let players use all of their current Switch accessories, including Joy-Con.

Players who tend to play mostly non-docked with their Switch might be getting a huge improvement since the report says the original model’s kickstand will be replaced by a sturdier built-in option. Vandal specifically said the supplier compared it to the folding base found in tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro. 

There was also mention that the expanded storage space used to hold a microSD card will be located on the side/back of the console in this model for easy access. 

The final new details from the report tie into the improved output of the system using the Switch’s dock, listing it as “a little wider at the rear.” This will allow it to allegedly house two USB 3.0 ports, a built-in ethernet port, and additional improvements that will help upscale the footage. 

Vandal finalized its report by agreeing with a potential September or October launch but said the supplier is slightly more skeptical about how the final production process will work in regard to providing enough consoles to meet demand. 

No information or plans about a reveal have been officially confirmed by Nintendo.