New Pokémon GO datamine shows text for Rainy Lure Module, new events, and more

The text updates always reveal some interesting stuff.

Image via Niantic

With some recent updates that have been pushed to the app on the backend for files and text, extra details have been discovered thanks to datamining group PokéMiners

Some highlights of the text updates include a new Lure module, added evolution prompts, a few new events, and more coming in April.

Text for a Rainy Lure Module has been added, which could possibly be used to simulate the conditions of rainy weather on command. It also specifically mentions that it can be used to prompt evolutions, perhaps an accidental hint of Goomy’s addition.

A small quality of life update sees new prompts added to highlight how certain Pokémon evolve. This includes mention of Special Evolution, evos that take place without the use of Candy, and a possible confirmation for upside-down evolution as the ID is listed under “special_evo_prompt_upside_down.”

Text is also present for multiple events, including two that have not been announced yet. The text suggests that will be a small April Fools’ Day event and a Collection Challenge for the Eggstravaganza Easter Event.

Additionally, the update mentions a Sustainability Day, where Niantic only previously confirmed a Sustainability Week. Both are listed under the tags “earthday_event_name” and “earthweek_event_name.” It’s possible Sustainability Day will just be a small addition to the overall week, likely running on Earth Day, April 22.

The new Elesa Pose now has some text. Small updates to the Referral System now explain how the claiming time works more clearly.

As with every update teardown, most of this content hasn’t been officially added to Pokémon GO yet. Changes might not be confirmed for some time, so things could still very easily change.