New perk Overclock now available in CoD: Mobile

The perk can be unlocked for free this season.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season three, called Tokyo Escape, is underway. And today, Activision introduced the Overclock perk to the game, which players can unlock for free.

The Overclock perk increases the charging speed of an operator skill. The new perk has been released with the Overclocked seasonal challenge. In this, players have to complete several missions to acquire the perk.

The seasonal challenge will run until the end of the season, which will happen on May 26 at 7pm CT. It’s a six-part challenge with the new perk available at part four. Players must complete each part in sequence to get the Overclock perk.

Here are the missions of each part in the Overclocked seasonal challenge.

Part one

  • Mission: Win three multiplayer matches.
  • Reward: 200 Credits and 2,000 battle pass XP

Part two

  • Mission: Kill 20 enemies in multiplayer matches.
  • Reward: MSMC – Paper Star and 2,000 battle pass XP
Screengrab via Activision

Part three

  • Mission: Use operator skills 10 times in multiplayer matches.
  • Reward: Backpack 1 – Paper Star and 3,000 battle pass XP
Screengrab via Activision

Part four

  • Mission: Kill 15 enemies with operator skills in multiplayer matches.
  • Reward: Overclock perk and 3,000 battle pass XP
Screengrab via Activision

Part five

  • Mission: Kill 25 enemies with the Overclock perk equipped in multiplayer matches.
  • Reward: 25 Weapon XP cards and 4,000 battle pass XP

Part six

  • Mission: Win 10 multiplayer matches with the Overclock perk equipped.
  • Reward: AGR .556 – Birthstone and 5,000 battle pass XP
Screengrab via Activision

If you’re unable to complete these missions before the season ends, don’t worry. The perk will likely be added to the CODM store later and can be unlocked through credits.