New Holger 26 LMG coming to Call of Duty: Mobile next month

It will be available through a seasonal challenge.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season four is here with a new weapon, the MK2 marksman rifle. This isn’t the only gun coming this season, though, as the game’s second functional LMG called the Holger 26 will release in early June.

The Holger 26 is a light machine gun that first appeared in Modern Warfare. The fully automatic weapon has a magazine size of 100. Activision has said the weapon will be highly customizable in the Gunsmith.

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The Holger 26 will be released through a seasonal challenge in early June. Players will have to complete different missions to get Battle Pass XP, the Holger 26, and other rewards. More details about the challenge haven’t been revealed yet. Activision has also said that a “truly fantastic” blueprint will be released alongside the Holger 26.

Until then, players can enjoy the fourth season of the game, called Spurned and Burned. The capture the gold mode from season six has returned to the game. Modern Warfare 3’s Dome map has also debuted into CoD: Mobile.

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The season four battle pass is here as well. Players can reach tier 14 and 21 to get the new scorestreak (Hawk X3) and weapon (MK2), respectively, for free. The paid premium pass, on the other hand, costs 220 CP and offers a lot of exciting rewards. This includes four epic characters, weapon blueprints, a legendary calling card, and more.