New final stage map, Jump Showdown, coming to Fall Guys tomorrow

RIP Royal Fumble.

Image via Devolver Digital

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was released in early August after a brief beta period. The game’s addicting nature allowed it to skyrocket in popularity both on Steam charts and Twitch leaderboards. 

Though the game’s current state features more than 20 maps, chances are you may have seen all of the maps if you’ve been an avid player since the game’s launch. But Fall Guys announced today that a new map, Jump Showdown, will be introduced to the game’s final rotation, which should spice up the late game of each match.

Jump Showdown is similar to the Jump Club map that’s in the game. Compared to Jump Club, Jump Showdown requires players to duck in addition to jumping and the platform starts dismantling itself as the round progresses. This forces players to stack up together, which makes dodging the spinning obstacles even harder.

The addition of the new map will also introduce some adjustments to the final map variation. The most notable and welcomed of these changes look to be the decreased odds of getting Royal Fumble during the last map rotation. Players who frequently make it to the final stage of each game have expressed their negative feelings toward Royal Fumble, one of the three available final maps.

While the other two final maps, Hex-a-Gone and Fall Mountain, feature a great deal of strategy and planning, Royal Fumble ended up being too chaotic compared to them. Despite chaos being the game’s theme, Fall Guys gets significantly more emotional during the final stage. Jump Showdown looks like it allows players to have more control over their actions.

Jump Showdown was available during the beta stage of the game, but the map was taken out of rotation before the title’s official release.

In addition to the two map changes, an upcoming patch will fix a crashing issue that’s affected players with specific regional calendars and improve the error messages that appear when a matchmaking or server error occurs. The game’s current errors are too vague and sometimes players have been getting stuck on loading screens without even a prompt. 

The noticeable physics errors for gamers with high-end gaming PCs that reach over 144 frames-per-second (FPS) will be gone tomorrow alongside the rare moments that prevent you from grabbing the crown on Fall Mountain. Getting over to the side of the map during Block Party also won’t be possible, meaning players won’t be able to jump over their friends to bypass the map.

The new Fall Guys patch is scheduled to become available to download on Aug. 12.