New Fall Guys update removes back-to-back team games, reduces timers in Tail Tag and Royal Fumble

Some highly requested changes are headed to the game.

Image via Mediatonic

Another day, another update for the Devolver Digital’s hit new party game, Fall Guys. This time, it’s a sneaky little patch that’s brought a few different changes that have been requested by the player base.

First, players will no longer have to worry about getting back-to-back team-based games because the developers have made a change to ensure that single-player modes will always come after team games. This change was requested since many people felt like it was harder to qualify through rounds when they were forced to rely on other people to win.

The max player count for Fall Mountain has also been changed to 15 players. This mode is saved for the final round of each game, but it can become a fiesta with too many players left standing. This new max should ensure that each endgame is competitive yet still fun to play.

Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble’s timer has now been changed to a minute and a half. The game modes used to last a bit too long and would incentivize players to wait for a while before making a mad dash for a tail. This change should push some players to get active a bit earlier into the mode.

Fall Guys’ developers have been good at listening to its growing fan base in terms of game adjustments. In the last patch, the team made some big changes that fixed various bugs, while also improving its cheater detection system.

The game has become extremely popular over the past month, especially within the streaming community. Multiple big-name streamers have taken a liking to the party game, but wins are still hard to come by for some.