New challenge celebrates Gun Game Team Fight mode in CoD: Mobile

Players have only one week to test out the new game mode.

Image via Garena

A new challenge kicked off today alongside the launch of the latest limited-time game mode in CoD: Mobile, Gun Game Team Fight. It will be available for only one week.

The Gun Game Team Fight game mode is a mix of both featured multiplayer modes. The five-player team must kill the opposing team to win points.

Each kill grants a new weapon for the player. The first team to eliminate the opponents with each weapon—including the knife, which you can get at around 40 points—wins.

Screengrab via Activision

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Players have five days to test out the Gun Game Team Fight limited-time mode and earn rewards, including the boat skin Reticulated.

The mission’s challenges are simple to complete. They include winning games and killing a certain number of enemies.

Meanwhile, the Easter challenge, Clan Ally, will end in two days. Players can still join a clan and play games with friends to earn up to three rewards.

Weapon skins can also be earned by completing the missions of the Tenacity Rewarded challenge, which rewards playing a variety of CoD: Mobile game modes. The challenge will end on April 28.

Six months after its release, CoD: Mobile is now set to kick off its competitive scene by hosting its first official World Championship. The tournament will feature a $1 million prize pool and kick off with open qualifiers on April 30.