Netflix will reportedly offer iOS game library via App Store due to Apple’s policies

You'll be redirected to the App Store for downloading games according to a report.

Screengrab via Netflix

Netflix will reportedly have to deliver its game library through Apple’s App Store on iOS, according to Bloomberg tech reporter Mark Gurman. The streaming platform likely won’t be able to get around Apple’s policy, which restricts all-in-one gaming services.

Gurman reports Netflix “will release all of its games on Apple’s App Store individually and let users launch the games via the Netflix app,” but “they won’t all be downloadable and playable within the app itself.” The report comes from code found by developer Steve Moser, which he shared with Gurman.

With this method, users will be redirected to the App Store to download Netflix games, but players can launch the games from within the Netflix app after installing them on the device.

Earlier this month, Netflix launched its highly anticipated game streaming service in a limited capacity for users on Android devices. Games on Android function like in iOS, meaning users must install them through the Google Play Store.

Gurman suggests Netflix will bring its gaming service to the cloud in the future, however. This would work for users on Android, but still be extremely difficult under iOS terms and conditions.

“Apple will need to change its rules or grant Netflix an exemption,” Gurman says. “That leaves the ultimate success of Netflix’s service in the hands of Apple, a longtime partner but also a growing rival.”

Apple’s strict rules have caused issues for other gaming services in the past, like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia. However, some companies have been worked around the guidelines by offering their games via the web.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed the method for iOS, so Apple users eager to check out the company’s gaming library will need to wait for an official announcement if they want more details.