Must-have addons for World of Warcraft Classic

Install these while you wait in the queue.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft Classic launched yesterday and has dominated the online gaming community.

If you plan on heading back into Azeroth, you’ll probably want to pick up a few quality of life addons to improve your adventure. Here are some of the essential addons that you should download and install.

Azeroth Auto Pilot Classic

If you didn’t play WoW during vanilla, then you’re probably spoiled by today’s in-game quest helper. The modern version of WoW has map indicators that make the entire questing process much simpler. Without these indicators, players are left to read quest text and discern which direction they should travel for themselves.

Azeroth Auto Pilot is a great quest-helping addon that provides you with map indicators as well as a way-point arrow. You can find Azeroth Auto Pilot in the Twitch Client.

Details! Damage Meter Classic

Regardless of when you played, most WoW players are familiar with either Details or Recount. This addon keeps track of you and your party’s damage. This makes it easy for you and your friends to see who’s pulling the most damage in a specific encounter. Details is the best damage meter so far with a build that works in WoW Classic. You can find Details Classic in the Twitch Client.

Deadly Boss Mods Classic

Another mainstay for any WoW player is Deadly Boss Mods. The primary goal outside of PvP in WoW is defeating the strongest bosses in the game to obtain the best gear. Deadly Boss Mods gives you on-screen instructions that help you to defeat boss encounters much easier. If you’re standing where a pool of deadly goo is about to spawn, for example, Deadly Boss Mods will tell you to move.

This is a must-have addon for anyone who plans on taking the WoW end game seriously. You can get Deadly Boss Mods Classic from the Twitch Client.

Coordinates by Tomcats Tours

If you’ve ever been researching a quest online and seen someone comment with a string of numbers, they were probably using Coordinates. Just like the longitude and latitude-based coordinate system we use in real life, this addon allows you to identify exact locations on your in-game map. You can find a version that supports both retail and WoW Classic in the Twitch Client.