Minecraft Championship returns to numbered competition with MCC 15 on July 24

The main event returns.

Image via Noxcrew

Noxcrew is returning to the numbered standard for the next Minecraft Championship (MCC) event after raising over $300,000 for charity during last month’s Pride 2021 event.

MCC 15 will take place on July 24, continuing where MCC 14 left off as the starting point for season two of the biggest Minecraft event. 

With revamped assets and maps, increased production quality, and a continuously rotating cast of top content creators—from the Minecraft community and otherwise—competing in the event, season two of the MCC has already taken the series to the next level. 

Like previous events, Noxcrew should start announcing the 10 competing teams as we get closer to the event. The teams will once again feature four members of content creators, most of whom will stream their perspective of the competition on Twitch or YouTube. 

Previously, the Aqua Axotols featuring HBomb94, Smajor1995, Wisp, and Solidarity won MCC14, making HBomb94 the winningest player in MCC history with four titles. 

Many fans hope Noxcrew will continue to host smaller charity events or alternate MCC competitions between the main events like MCC 15. They give other, potentially smaller content creators a chance to take part and showcase the best of the Minecraft community alongside the bigger names like TommyInnit and Technoblade.