Minecraft artist recreates VALORANT map Bind

You can enjoy another VALORANT map in Minecraft,

A Minecraft artist recreated the VALORANT map Bind, allowing players to explore an accurate rendition of the multiplayer map. 

Minecraft artist foxsart recreated the entire map in Minecraft, including several minor details like the billboard near B Main and the market stalls running through B Link and A Link. They also included the Radiant boxes on each site and did an excellent job of mimicking the spacing and size of every area. 

A short video gives fans an in-depth look at every significant part of the map, like both bomb sites and spawn areas. This 1:1 recreation allows Minecraft players to enjoy the same battleground featured in VALORANT, although with a significantly different gameplay experience. 

Bind is one of the original VALORANT maps players encountered when the game launched in 2020. Some players enjoy its layout and aesthetic, while others would rather avoid it. Regardless, it is still a map every VALORANT player will encounter at some point, and seeing it recreated in Minecraft is a fun experience. 

Other VALORANT players have previously experienced the game in Minecraft, like the player who secured an Ace against zombies on Haven. The Bind recreation continues to bridge the gap between both games, and hopefully, more maps will be recreated in the future. 

Players interested in downloading the Bind Minecraft map can find it here