Mindfreak’s Swilko puts ORDER in the well

The support player's clutch plays kept his team alive in the Contenders Australia grand finals.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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A well-placed “boop” can make all the difference. When Mindfreak Gaming faced off against ORDER in the grand finals of Overwatch Contenders Australia, a few clutch Lúcio plays kept them in the game. 

Mindfreak struggled against ORDER, who were trying to hold on to their Contenders Australia championship. By the time they reached Control map Ilios, Mindfreak were down 3-0 (with one draw) against the reigning champs. The first two rounds of Ilios were a back-and-forth affair and Mindfreak’s entire season rested on a final round of Ilios Well. Thankfully for them, support Samuel “Swilko” Wilkinson took advantage of the well’s environmental kill options. 

After Mindfreak main tank Joshua “Bus” Bussell was thrown into the well by ORDER’s supports, Mindfreak’s situation looked grim. One more lost teamfight would net ORDER a map win and the championship. While Mindfreak had multiple ultimates online, the loss of a main tank would destabilize the team—unless the supports got a little bloodthirsty.

In one fell “boop,” Swilko used Lúcio’s secondary fire to knock ORDER’s main tank Sam “Quatz” Dennis and support Jordy “Jordation” Frish right into the well. Even though ORDER were ahead in kills, the loss of a main tank and support was enough to swing the fight in Mindfreak’s favor. As if two kills weren’t enough, Swilko used his Sound Barrier ultimate to protect his teammates while they decimated ORDER. 

While this was a glorious fight for Mindfreak, it wasn’t quite enough in the end. Mindfreak lost the series to ORDER 4-0 after ORDER rallied on Ilios. But this play showed the impact that a support player can have beyond their basic duties of healing teammates and how a single click can make all the difference.