Microsoft releases fold-it-yourself replica of the next-gen Xbox

You wouldn't download a car, but this Xbox model is pretty cool.

Images via Microsoft

You can’t own the Xbox Series X or S until it releases on Nov. 10, but you can own a life-size replica made out of paper thanks to Microsoft.

Such a powerful tool can be used for several things. If you need to reserve some space on your desk or TV console of choice, a paper model with the exact dimensions of the Xbox will remove any potential sizing mistakes.

Plus, instead of spending $499 on the Series X or $299 on the Series S, a free, downloadable paper placeholder could sufficiently play the part of a nice table ornament. Move over, bowl of fruit and vase of flowers.

Or, if you are truly evil, replace the lump of coal with a paper Xbox! Nothing screams holiday season like a gag gift.

“Sure, it may not run games, but it’s going to look pretty cool,” Microsoft said.

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Well, at least it’s not a cake. If you need to take our your frustrations, smashing a paper or cardboard lookalike will be decidedly less expensive and maybe equally cathartic than ruining your actual console or controller.

Microsoft’s new generation of consoles launch Nov. 10.