Microsoft, Hideo Kojima reportedly close to a deal to produce a cloud-based Xbox game

A deal seems like it's close to being finalized.

Image via Kojima Productions

Microsoft and games industry legend Hideo Kojima have reportedly signed a letter of intent that could see the man behind Metal Gear Solid working to publish a new game on Xbox. 

In a report from VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb that builds on long-standing rumors that Kojima has had private talks with Microsoft about a deal like this, both sides are reportedly ready to start collaborating and have agreed to early terms. 

The deal is very close to being finalized and Microsoft is already building out a support team that will work on Kojima’s new project from the Xbox side of things, according to Grubb. This includes the recent hiring of Portal and Left4Dead developer Kim Swift, who’s overseeing partnerships for cloud-based games at Microsoft.

Actual project details haven’t been shared, but the early reporting notes that the partnership will “unlock the creativity of Kojima Productions using Microsoft’s technology as opposed to greenlighting a specific pitch.” So, in reality, whatever Kojima, his team, and Microsoft end up working on could be one massive game or a series of projects using cloud-based tech as the base. 

This deal in no way means that Kojima Productions is going to be purchased by Microsoft, nor that all of the studio’s future titles will end up being Xbox exclusives. We won’t know exactly what this partnership means until Microsoft or Kojima speak on the subject and reveal details.