MADMONQ’s new gaming health supplement will change how you game

Brain like a beast, play like a beast.

Image via Madmonq
Proudly sponsored by MADMONQ.

The world of esports has transformed the way we game. “Practice” used to just mean extended playing hours and an excuse we told our parents. In some ways that is still what practice is, but the idea that playing more equals getting better has long since faded away. Training regimes, online education platforms, and gamer-focused supplements have all started to emerge and, with them, promises to increase your performance. 

MADMONQ was one of the first companies to start looking at ways to improve both the health and performance of gamers. The team at MADMONQ noticed that gamers were simply upping their sugar intake or turning to prescription medicines to help them game for longer, a trend they knew they had to change.

You don’t see bodybuilders at the gym 24/7 in an effort to put on more muscle. Athletes understand there needs to be a structure to your training regimen, that sleep and recovery are important, and that nutrition is key to keeping your mind and reactions healthy. These elite performers also make the most of a smart supplement regime to ensure their bodies are at peak performance every day. Everything they do is intended to help them improve and the path to professional gaming should be no different. 

To assist aspiring gamers with their path to pro, MADMONQ wants to revolutionize the gaming industry and push the agenda on health. MADMONQ has developed a “precisely formulated combination of natural, superfood ingredients that delivers steady energy, along with long-term health benefits that increase over time.” Ultimately, it is a healthy alternative to energy drinks and prescription medicine with a rough energy increase estimate of one tablet equalling two cans of energy drink. So not only is it a healthier alternative, but it will provide a powerful, steady stream of energy without the jitters and the crash. 

So, why a tablet? MADMONQ believes a tablet is the best way to deliver the highest quality ingredients. It is also incredibly easy to carry around and share with your friends. No more messing around with a tub and spilling dust all over your benchtop at home, or worse, on your keyboard. MADMONQ completely removes the need to mix with water at all by formulating a chewable, tasty tablet—one tablet and a whole lotta power. 

We all know superfoods look much better than they taste. MADMONQ put a lot of effort into the science behind its formula, meaning it tastes just as good as the health benefits it provides. If you think you are ready to “brain like a beast and play like a beast” head on over to MADMONQ to learn more about the benefits and order your first batch.