Lurantis and Tapu Lele arrive in Pokémon Go’s Lush Jungle event

The Alola adventure continues on Akala Island.

Image via Niantic

The Season of Alola is rolling on in Pokémon Go, with the next stop on everyone’s island journey being Akala Island’s Lush Jungle. 

The Lush Jungle event will run from March 22 to 29. Players will encounter three new Pokémon for the first time: Fomantis, Lurantis, and the guardian deity of Akala Island, Tapu Lele. 

Throughout the event, Pokémon typically found in jungle areas like Paras, Exeggcute, and Pinsir will be appearing more frequently in the wild. Fomantis will be among those as the Sickle Grass Pokémon makes its Pokémon Go debut. 

Meanwhile, Tapu Lele will be taking its place in the five-star raid rotation, joining Mega Charizard Y as it enters the Mega Raids during the event. Cottonee, Sewaddle, Vileplume, and Exeggutor are among the other Pokémon that will be available in Lush Jungle raids. 

New Field, Special, and Timed Research will be available for players who participate in the event. These will give players rewards and encounters with various Pokémon appearing throughout the event, including Fomantis. 

Additionally, a special Lush Jungle Park Spotlight will run on March 26 and 27, giving players who visit park-like areas more encounters with Cottonee, including a chance to find a Shiny Cottonee for the first time. Cottonee can be found as a Shiny in raids and other encounters from now on, too.

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