Lunar New Year mini-event is live in Pokémon UNITE

New items have been added to reward players, too.

Image via TiMi Studio

Last night’s Pokémon UNITE seemed small at first, but it looks like TiMi Studio snuck in yet another mini-event to celebrate the Lunar New Year with players around the world. 

The Lunar New Year is just another small piece of content for players to enjoy, with new log-in bonuses and two different item bundles that players can claim by collecting the new Celebration Gift tokens and exchanging them in the Events tab.

Within the event, the main rewards are item bundles containing several new items that TiMi just added to the game for the first time alongside the returning player incentive campaign. These items are called Selection Boxes and will allow players to open them and collect one of the items offered among the selection inside. 

There are two types of Collection Boxes: the Fashion Collection Box and Unite License Selection Box. Each will give the player a selection of options that the user can choose between, which will instantly allow them to unlock an item set or Unite License. 

In the Lunar New Year Fashion Collection Box, players can choose between the Slowpoke, Magician, Firefighter, and Stakeout sets. Meanwhile, the Unite License Collection Box has a wider selection, giving players eight options of Pokémon. And if the user has already unlocked some of the Pokémon, they can opt to take 10,000 Aeos Coins instead of getting a Unite License.  

Those event bundles will cost 10 and 14 Celebration Gift tokens and will also contain 3,000 and 6,000 Aeos Tickets, respectively. 

Overall, the Lunar New Year event will run until Feb. 22, with log-in bonuses available on alternating days throughout. Some of those bonuses include Rental Selection Boxes, special Selection Boxes that let players pick a rental item or Unite License to trial for a limited time. 

A small sale is also included in the event, which is cutting Aeos Gem prices for most non-premium Holowear by half or more. This includes Starry Night Style: Blissey, Star Cloak Style: Decidueye, and Poncho Style: Sylveon.