LPL Open Day: QG’s “loving” but “unlucky” teammates

In LPL Open Day, fans get a chance to meet their favorite players - here's their experience with the QG boys!

Nothing represents the thrill and intensity of a fighting game competition like an epic comeback

This article was originally posted by PentaQ, a Chinese esports site, by Thirteen, and contains content written by QG staff and fans. You can read the original article in Chinese here.

What is LPL Open Day?

LPL Open Day was organized by the League of Legends project team with the help of PentaQ, and L.ACE, Banana Plan, and various team organizations all contributed to this League of Legends offline event.
After the success of the first LPL Open Day in August 2015, the second ever LPL Open Day was formally launched in March 2016.
The activities of the second LPL Open Day spanned four days and included watching live matches and visiting the club bases. It was intended to allow summoners from all parts of the world – nearby players came from Zhejiang and Jiangsu, while faraway players came from Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, or even all the way from America – to experience the exciting atmosphere of the LPL venue. This Open Day, we invited 60 players to visit six organizations – VG, Snake, EDG, IG, QG, and OMG – and come to deeply understand the unique allure of the LPL.

Early in the morning, the QG team members all went out to the hospital for a check-up. To better protect each team member, the organization has this kind of routine physical every year in order to wholly understand the health of each team member. After all, the body is the capital of revolution.

During the examination, our very own “Thunderbolt” Swift had special attention paid to him by the hospital’s doctor, who clamored for a photo with him, and during the photo held Swift’s little hand tightly and didn’t let go for a moment.

Around 1PM in the afternoon, the organization’s staff were already hurrying to prepare for the event. The event’s location was a coffee shop across from the team’s base. We had reserved the coffee shop so the team and fans could enjoy themselves.

Although they had arranged for the fans to arrive around 2PM, everyone was really excited and anxious, and most of them arrived an hour ahead of time. When we asked them how they were doing, they responded that ‘being able to meet their idols was really exciting!’ and with their hearts full of this kind of excitement, they anxiously awaited the arrival of the QG team members.

At 2:20PM, the long-awaited QG members finally arrived. At the beginning, they were all very formal, but the club had planned for this. In order to let the fans enjoy themselves and the team members relax, they seated the team members among the fans.

Now the activities could start! First, the club’s head, CU, gave a speech discussing how the organization was established, step by step, and most importantly, thanking the fans for their support. This was the first time our organization had this kind of fan event, and in the future there will be more of them!

Afterward, it was the fan question and answer section. One fan asked why Swift didn’t like to play on the Chinese server with his teammates.

Swift’s response was immediate: “The Chinese server is cursed! My teammates are all cursed!” Everyone broke into laughter at this.

Doinb was not impressed. “I’m an experienced driver, why aren’t you willing to ride the bus with me?”

Swift: “You really love! To crash the bus!”

“You, you, and you,” Swift pointed at V, Uzi, and Doinb. “Don’t duoqueue with me.” And then to the audience, he said: “They’re cursed, they’ll flip the bus over!”

At this, Doinb was silent. He seemed to have accepted his fate.

Someone asked Uzi a question that has been weighing on the thoughts of every Uzi fan – when will Uzi dye his hair?

Uzi’s response was very clear: “I won’t dye my hair. If I did, it’d be dying my hair black to hide white hairs.”

A very detail-minded fan asked Uzi’s shoe size, Uzi wears size 42 shoes. Are fans now starting to send Uzi-senpai shoes?

Someone asked why Doinb does so well on Zed during competitive matches if he’s not good at him on stream. Doinb responded: “During competitive matches I’m more focused, I only want to win!”

Halfway through the questions, the beautiful caster Su Xiaoyan suddenly arrived on the scene, which caused the atmosphere to be even more lively.

Someone asked why TnT and TcT changed their IDs, Peco responded, “He changed, so staying as a forever alone type is pointless.’ That crit – before Peco speaks, he should put down the Infinity Edge in his hands!

The last question was from Xiaoyan – she asked who in the team sang the best. Everyone pointed at Peco. Of course, we all suggested that Peco sing something, but Peco sheepishly declined with, “No, no, no, if I sang this (event) would be ruined.”

You could say the pictionary event was the most exciting. The six players would draw the assigned topic on a whiteboard, then the fans would try to guess it. The fans who guessed it right would be rewarded with a special gift.

Doinb was the first to draw something, and the topic he got was Viktor. Today everyone can learn that in Doinb’s heart, this is what Viktor looks like.

Swift was asked to draw V, but after he finished, it was hard for the fans to figure out what he’d drawn. Take a look at V’s inner workings:

Even more interesting was Xiaoyan’s contribution, it was impossible to not be impressed by this!

When this image was displayed, everyone immediately yelled, “Varus! Isn’t this the backwards Q?”

But actually, this was Xiaoyan’s depiction of Vayne. The little critter by her was Uzi, referring to his nickname. This kind of thinking I give 100 points. Uzi was nearby, wondering what he had done to deserve this.

The long-awaited Uzi finally took the stage! But what did he draw? Here we’ll keep everyone guessing – later we’ll reveal it in an exciting video release, so please don’t miss it! But, looking at the grotesque facial expressions on these fans, they must have really been terrified by Uzi’s artwork!

After pictionary, we gave everyone time to get signatures, pictures, and give gifts. Looking at this table full of treats all prepared for Uzi, it’s obvious how much the fans love him. One of the fans said, “I saw that he’d lost when he was streaming yesterday and he didn’t seem to be in a good mood, so I hope with all the food prepared for him, he’ll forget the sadness of yesterday.” This kind of fan – Uzi, just marry them already!

Uzi is very lucky to have such a group of adorable fans supporting him, tirelessly cheering him on!

Not just Uzi, but all of QG came back loaded with gifts, each player was smiling so much they couldn’t even close their mouths.

But there was one detail about Doinb that has to be mentioned, it’s the difference in the fans who wanted to take a photo with him. If you look at this image, you’ll understand.

Doinb’s internal monologue: “When taking photos with beautiful fangirls, of course I have to be cute!”

The last event was cutting the cake! The team nominated Mor for the task. The moment Mor cut down into it, everyone in the team started yelling, “Ow! Ow! Ow!” This made Mor feel really awkward.

Of course, any good time is always short-lived, but in that short period of time, the fans truly got to know the players. In this moment we were all just players, just supporters of QG. We love the six players’ smiles, we love these six members who continue to work hard towards their dreams!

This kind of QG, how could you not love them?

Next open day, we’ll meet again.

– I am a QG staff member, from Shanghai

First, I want to say that I’m really, really excited and really, really happy! Even though it’s already been a day, it still feels like a dream for those players that you love so much, you’ll stay up all night to watch their streams – for them to stand in front of you and even do activities with you. In the past I felt so distant from them, but when I actually met them I realized they were all really cute boys!

Swift is really funny, his Chinese is really good, hahaha. And saying that Doinb and Uzi are always trying to crash the bus, his whole thing about “they don’t want win, I don’t want to play with them!” really made everyone laugh. Doinb was more handsome than I’d thought, his eyes are so big and his face is so small, and his Chinese is so hilarious. Peco is a really nice person, when we took a photo together, because I’m so short (facepalm) he specially bent down a little more for me, all the fans immediately laughed. Uzi is also really moe, what’s especially cute is that when we took a photo together his face was so childish ~ And then, when I asked Mor for an autograph, because the paper was so thin, I had to tell him to be careful of it bleeding through onto his pants, so he said, “No problem, if it bleeds through, I’ll cut out that patch and give it to you.” Last there’s V, his signature is so easy, it’s just a check! He couldn’t stop from laughing either.

In the end, I guess you could say it was a very unrealistic yet very realistic day. On the train back to Hangzhou, I looked through the autographs I’d gotten and the pink candy I’d gotten for beating Swift, and I felt that all of this really was too much of a fantasy.

I really want to thank PentaQ and the QG organization for giving me the chance to meet with these people I like so much, I will cherish this special memory forever ~ Lastly, I just want to say, I hope QG will safely pass through their future trials and continue to triumph!

– I am Chen Sijia, from Hangzhou

When I first heard about the Open Day event, I decided to apply just to try, but surprisingly I was blessed by the god of luck. After watching that exhilarating EDG match on the 12th, I excitedly waited until the 15th to meet the team members. I’ve liked Uzi from when he was on SHRC to OMG to now on QG, and from watching their Douyu streams I’ve grown to like Doinb and Swift. When the players I’ve watched from afar walked out, it was hard to suppress the excitement in my heart. The players first answered our questions, then played pictionary, Doinb is really a true artist! After meeting them, I felt like they were neighbor’s – bright, funny, and polite. Lastly, thank you Tencent and PentaQ for giving me this chance, and thank you QG for receiving us, we really had a great time! I hope QG can make it to Worlds, never give up! Keep going!

– I am Jin Yuechu, from Lanzhou

League of Legends was the first game I ever played, and it’s practically become my companion in all my free time in college. When I learned I had the opportunity to go to the team’s base and meet the team members, I was so happy I could explode! Haha!

When I actually met them, I felt like they were like longtime teammates. It felt very intimate and wasn’t anything like meeting my idols! But our Uzi really loves eating too much, the moment he entered the door he started crying about whether we could eat the cake yet. And then there was Doinb with his almost impossibly tiny face (we girls had to suck in our cheeks before we dared to take a photo with him), the witty and good-humored Swift, the aloof Mor… Thinking of it now, it really seems like a fantasy to have your idols right next to you, playing games with you! And there was also Su Xiaoyan, who’s even prettier in person, but that hilarious drawing of Vayne really didn’t match with her gentle and beautiful demeanor!

I really want to thank Tencent and the QG organization for giving fans like us this kind of chance. Even though it was a long journey, my heart is full of happiness. Finally, I hope that QG can go further and further on the esports road and make it to Worlds!

– I am Liu Jiaxing, from Xi’an

This was my first time ever being so close to the team members, I was really excited!~ They didn’t even eat lunch before coming to Open Day, it was really moving! When they first appeared in the doorway, I almost couldn’t resist screaming, but what little spark of logic I had left was telling me, calm down, calm down!

In the past I could only watch their streams and watch their competitive matches from afar, but this time I could finally get to know them from nearby. The foolish Doinb, the dorky Uzi, the funny Peco, the handsome Swift, the shy V, the quiet Mor. The entire QG team is so loving and so harmonious!

When Uzi sat next to me during the activities, I felt like I was going to ascend to the heavens! I was nervous but I couldn’t resist sneaking peeks at him! Swift, sitting to the side, would always say that his teammates like to throw games (when we asked him about Rumble in the jungle, he couldn’t stop laughing: “My Rumble is very funny!”) but during matches they always seem to have a tacit understanding. Afterwards, we also ate the cake the players cut for us, I got Doinb to cut mine, I was so happy.

Even though I had to come from far away, I feel like it was worth the trip. Because after playing this game for so long, I could finally meet my most beloved players, thank you so much for this chance! Thank you Tencent, thank you PentaQ, and most of all, thank you QG!

I hope QG will win all their future matches and do lots of damage! Keep going, QG!

– I am Liu Xi, from Baoji

As a new fan who only started liking QG for Uzi, after this Open Day I’ve become a true fan! To those who say that girls don’t understand esports and don’t know how to play games, I just want to say that in esports there is no such thing as male or female!

From Uzi’s zenith in SHRC to being able to do so well after transferring to QG, I really hope QG can continue to advance further and further! After meeting “Thunderbolt” Swift, “Doubi” Doinb, Mor, V, and Peco, I completely converted to being a QG fan, not because of Uzi, but because every player was so cute and shy and had such a unique personality! I don’t understand why Swift and Doinb kept using Xinjiang words to communicate, maybe it was to let us all understand? ! /(?o?)/~~

Everyone always says Uzi is a glutton, but today we really got to see that in action. The first thing Uzi did when he got here was to order something to eat … of course, everything we gave Uzi was food, cake, duck necks, chocolate, pancakes!

When it was time to take photos and get autographs, the players would all thank us, they were so much easier to get to know than expected! When I asked V why he was constantly eating, he said they had to go in for a physical this morning, so they didn’t eat anything the night before or this morning and were starving. He also told us not to take pictures because he was eating. When I sneakily took a picture with Swift, Swift used broken English to say, “This picture not good, not good! Take another one!”

I’m really thankful for this opportunity, and I hope that QG can move forward further and further and get the title of world champions! QG has such a fun ADC, such a strong jungler, such a manly midlaner, such an supportive support, such a reliable toplaner! I really look forward to their future performances!

– I am Wei Lan, from Hefei