Official Little Legends artist transforms them into Pokémon

This is the cutest crossover.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates Little Legends
Image via Riot Games

Wild Pokémon live in tall grass. Wild Little Legends live in… tall boards?

Katherine Fortune, an illustrator of Little Legends for Riot Games’ Teamfight Tactics, reimagined six Little Legends—Choncc, Hauntling, Squinx, Flutterbug, Hushtail, and Nixie—into inhabitants of the vast Pokémon world. And they’re adorable.

Each comes with lovable artwork inspired by the Pokémon art style, along with typings and a short description akin to a Pokédex entry.

Choncc is introduced as a fitting Runeterran variation of Snorlax, retaining its base form cotton candy color. Considering how many of his variations are influenced by League of Legends‘ various drakes, it’s little wonder that it gains a Dragon typing.

Hauntling must have gotten a few skins unlocked due to its prominent horns. Its manic grin is toned down a little for its Pokémon version. Squink holds untold universes within itself and it’s little surprise that he weighs in at 2,000 pounds, exceeding even Choncc.

Flutterbug, like Choncc, becomes Ninjask’s Runeterra form. It loses some of its distinctive red markings, but its Void purple shade is perhaps the best indicator that the buggy Voidborn is not to be trifled with.

Hushtail becomes an Eevolution, requiring the poor creature to faint in a battle against a Ghost-type. Eidoleon makes up for it by becoming a Ghost-type itself, with the Little Legend’s three tails referenced at the tip of its tail.

Finally, Nixie retains much of its curious nature, including their tendency to play pranks on human beings. It seems like even as Pokémon, they can’t change their spots.