LGD Releases Statement Regarding Imp Situation

LDG issues a statement after imp was assaulted early last night.

NiP, Gambit, mouz, and Na'Vi have run out of luck in Vegas.

For those unaware of the news, LDG Gaming’s player Gu “imp” Seung-bin was assaulted early last night in a Korean restaurant by two individuals. Since then, LGD has released a statement on the situation, as well as clearing up any confusion about why the incident happened in the first place.

The statement, which can be read here, states that, “[last] night, imp was at a Korean restaurant when he overheard two Koreans bad-mouthing Chinese people, so he confronted them. They were drunk and started hitting imp… After investigations, the men issued an apology and offered compensation. We would like to assure everyone that imp is fine.”

Everyone is relieved to hear that imp is fine, considering the incident, and that it was not as serious as some initially thought.

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