Leak suggests female character Sara is coming to PUBG Mobile

She may release with the upcoming update.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile might be getting a new character in the 0.15.5 update, according to a leak from YouTuber Mr. GHOST GAMING. Sara will reportedly become the second character to drop into the battle royale game after Victor was released in August.

Just like Victor, Sara will also reportedly have a unique perk. The character is a “vehicle expert” and excels at “reinforcing vehicles,” which causes them to take less damage when Sara is driving or riding in one, according to Mr. GHOST GAMING. This perk will allegedly be scalable and higher levels can be unlocked by playing with the character, which increases the effectiveness of her perk.

Sara will also reportedly receive some exclusive outfits and emotes. Some of these can be unlocked by leveling up the character, according to Mr. GHOST GAMING. She’ll also get new voice messages.

Players will be able to use the character in all modes of PUBG Mobile, but her perk will only be in effect in the Evo-ground modes. This means Sara won’t reduce the damage taken by vehicles in classic modes to ensure that the gameplay remains fair in ranked games.

The character will be dropping with the 0.15.5 update, according to Mr. GHOST GAMING. The update will also bring season 10 to the battle royale game.