The best League of Legends streamers on Twitch

Here are the best League streamers to watch on Twitch.

Image via Riot Games

There’s no game in esports that can rival League of Legends in popularity. Its star players have the same type of major global following you’d expect any sports celebrity to have. And there’s one place they all gather—Twitch.

The game’s top streamers are among the world’s most popular gaming entertainers. Never heard of TF Blade or Tyler1? Well, that’s what we’re here for. It’s time to get to know the top League streamers on Twitch.

For the purpose of this list, we have mainly focused on streamers who play League of Legends as their only game or as their main focus. 

Top—TF Blade

Screengrab via Team Liquid

Even though he’s only a substitute player for Team Liquid, Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni is known as one of the best top laners in the world when it comes to mechanic skill. The streamer is set on a goal to become the best solo queue player in all major League regions. He’s already achieved this feat in North and Latin America, as well as both European servers. He is currently on a boot camp in Korea trying to reach rank one there.

Viewers find his streams additionally entertaining due to the fact that he’s often raging and trash-talking, which resulted in a few Twitch bans. Regardless, his skill can’t be undervalued and neither can the entertainment he provides. TF Blade now enjoys 20,000 average views with almost 900,000 total followers.


Screengrab via HashinshinLoL / YouTube

Robert “Hashinshin” Brotz is known as for his prolific “right through the counterstrike” clip, which made him popular within the community. Even though his skill might be lacking, he provides great entertainment through his endless complaining about the ADC power creep and ranged top laners.

Hashinshin is also known for his detailed ideas about how to fix the top lane and give more impact to make it more fun and enjoyable for all top laners of the League.

Hashinshin boasts an average of 3,500 viewers with a follower base of 350,000.


Screengrab via Tyler1 / Twitch

Tyler1 has had a long, bumpy streaming career. Known in the beginnings as the most toxic player in North America, Tyler1 is today one of the most popular League personalities.

His fame was jump-started through his toxicity and in-game antics, and not a game would go without his toxic rage. He was banned “indefinitely” in the spring of 2016 for this behavior, which only served to further skyrocket his notoriety. Following months of reformed behavior, Tyler1 was unbanned at the very beginning of 2018. Since then, his numbers just kept growing.

A former ADC turned jungler today, Tyler1 enjoys an average of around 30,000 views and has over 3.1 million followers. 


Photo by Michal Konkol for Riot Games

Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski is one of the best junglers Europe has to offer. The G2 Esports superstar jungler is vocal and provides an educative stream. He offers insight into the current meta, analyzes the patch notes and provides a good hub for junglers to tune in to.

A recent Pop Quiz done by Riot categorized him as the funniest guy in the League European Championship. While you might encounter some bursts of rage with indecent language, Jankos is overall quite calm and provides a great learning stream for new or established junglers.

Jankos has celebrated an average of 8,000 views and has 425,000 followers.


Photo via Riot Games

The three-time World Championship winner and one of the world’s best players Faker joined Twitch in 2017, after his team, T1, ended a long-running partnership with Azubu.

Faker set records on his first day of streaming and has since become a regular streamer. He follows a set schedule, offering the world a glimpse into how one of the best mid laners on the planet plays the game. While he used to have an English translation during the streams, nowadays it’s all in Korean, but he offers translations over on his YouTube channel.

Almost 30,000 viewers on average join Faker’s streams, and his following counts more than two million. If you’re hoping to see Faker playing anything other than League, you might be lucky if you tune in while he is in the queue for a game. He is usually playing mini-games while in the queue to his high MMR, which causes him to wait around 15 to 20 minutes for a League game.


Photo by Michal Konkol for Riot Games

Luka “Perkz” Perković is regarded as the Western GOAT. The G2 mid laner has been dominating the local scene for the past couple of years. While he was a beast in mid lane in the past, he gave up his role and swapped to ADC last season to Ramus “Caps” Borregaard Winther when he left Fnatic for G2.

This year, the Western GOAT returned to mid lane to reclaim his throne as the best mid laner Europe has to offer. He is entertaining and provides great commentary for his plays and decision-making in-game.

He enjoys an average of 12,000 views and has 212,000 followers.

ADC – Doublelift

Photo via Riot Games

Doublelift is not only a bot laner for NA’s Team Liquid but also one of the most popular League streamers.

Doublelift has been a popular personality in the League community since 2013. Besides enjoying his pro plays, viewers can have a laugh with Doublelift who often streams with other League pros. Up until today, he has streamed almost 2,000 hours playing League. You won’t find him streaming on a schedule, but during the offseason, he’s live almost every day.

With 1.4 million followers and 12,000 average views, Doublelift made a name for himself on Twitch just as he did on the competitive scene.


Photo by Michal Konkol for Riot Games

Caps is one of the funniest and most entertaining guys in the League. He was nicknamed Baby Faker when he debuted in EU LCS before the change to LEC. He swapped to ADC this season to prove that he is worthy of a GOAT title like Perkz.

Fans also call him Craps when he plays badly, orClaps when he plays especially well. While Caps did reach the World Championship two years in a row, he lost them both in the last round and is currently 0-6 in World Championship finals.

He holds an average of 7,000 views and has 305,000 followers.


Photo by Riot Games

Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black is one of the most longevive LCS players. He was known as Rush Hour when he played alongside Doublelift on Counter Logic Gaming. He got a lot of fame for his support is easy clip from season two.

He has vast experience in the bottom lane and is a good player to watch if you want to main support. He explains his moves and helps you obtain a better map awareness.

Even though Aphromoo does not stream as often as other players, his advice is extremely valuable and you should tune in whenever possible to obtain a first-person confirmation.

He holds an average of 1,000 viewers and has above 700,000 followers.


Photo by Riot Games

Vincent “Biofrost” Wang received the Outstanding Rookie title in his debut LCS season on TSM. After a short hiatus on CLG, he returned back to TSM and proves to be a reliable support.

His stream is very informative and educative. Even the most clueless player about the support role will learn a lot from him. While his advice is very valuable, you won’t find him to be very active on Twitch, especially during the main LCS season. Throw him a follow to be notified when he goes live during his rare streams.

He holds an average of 1,000 viewers with over 100,000 followers.