League of Legends responds after Fall Guys becomes most-watched game of the week

The game recorded the most average viewers of the week.

Image via Mediatonic

In the weeks since its release, Fall Guys has exceeded nearly all expectations—whether it’s related to sales or viewership figures.

Fall Guys’ viewership, in particular, has been amazing since the release date, though. Thanks to the world’s most popular content creators playing the game on stream and in videos, Fall Guys became the the “most-watched game,” according to GGRecon, which said the game passed League of Legends in average viewership for the past week.

To rub some proverbial salt in the wound, Fall Guys tweeted and sarcastically apologized to League. The official League Twitter account responded, wishing Fall Guys good luck on its journey and attached an image of everyone’s favorite Yordle Teemo, encouraging a Fall Guy to walk onto his mushroom minefield ahead.

Over the past week, viewers have watched 30.6 million hours of Fall Guys, according to TwitchTracker. Streamers have been reaping the benefits of this boom in popularity, with TimTheTatman sharing that more than 1 million unique viewers tuned in to see him finally get his first victory in the game.

Not only did the streamer have 182,000 average viewers during his stream, but he also gained 78,431 new followers and 5,665 new subscribers over the nearly seven-hour stream.