League of Legends honors Tyler1’s new Challenger ranking with new Twitter profile picture

He truly became the face of League of Legends.

Screengrab via Tyler1/Twitch

Tyler1, one of Twitch’s biggest names, reached Challenger on his fourth account yesterday. This time, he only played games in the mid lane.

Following his successful bid at reaching Challenger, the streamer requested that Twitch and Riot change the banner image on Twitch to reflect “the face of League of Legends.” While this didn’t come to fruition, Riot did honor him by changing the official League of Legends’ Twitter account’s profile image to a picture of him earlier this evening.

Twitch hasn’t given any word of its plans to honor the streamer, but there is still a chance that something similar could come to the platform.

The image not only puts Tyler1’s face on Tibbers and includes Annie, the mid lane champion of choice for his run to Challenger. According to op.gg, while playing Annie, Tyler1 achieved victory in 64 perfect of the 157 games he played.

Other popular champions for the streamer were Fizz, Irellia, and Akshan. Now having completed mid, top, jungle, and AD carry all the way to Challenger rank, only support stands in his way. It seems likely that Tyler will wait until next season to begin his climb, but having completed the mid lane challenge in just two months, Tyler with have the rest of the season to take a break from the grind.