League Free Champion Week: April 4-11

Aatrox heads this week’s free LoL champion rotation.

Riot has released the weekly free champion rotation for League of Legends for April 4. This includes Aatrox, who recently got a big update.

Included are an overwhelming amount of champions that have seen competitive play in the final weeks of the LCS regular season.

These are the champions that are featured in this week’s rotation.



The legendary warrior that fell to the Darkin Blade beckons for blood. Will you be able to control his bloodlust?

Dr. Mundo

Keep an eye on your health at all times. Dr. Mundo is a champion that relies on health items, rush everything you can and win your lane.



Embrace your wild side and throw spears at anything that moves. Prowl your foes and pounce when they least expect it.


The wolf and the lamb, two opposites of death like Yin and Yang. Embrace the hunt and mark your targets.



Morde is one of those champions you can play anywhere. Help your jungler to take the dragon and revive it to fight for your team.


Three reworks later and Ryze is here again. One of Runeterra’s most adept sorcerers who can’t stop trying to protect his scroll.



Those looking to be like former H2K ADC Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou’s will want to pick up the Sheriff of Piltover. The champion looks simple enough to use but is hard to master.


You must be really crazy to want to buy Caitlyn over Jinx, or as Jinx called her in the lore, “Hat Lady.”



A support and mid laner in one. Use your voidlings to spread some void love to your enemies.


You won’t be able to turn back time on past defeats but Zilean will give you a precious second chance in the future.