Latias and Latios return to Pokémon Go Raids for a limited-time event

Act fast, trainers.

Image via Niantic

Legendary Hoenn Pokémon Latias and Latios are coming back to Pokémon Go starting on Jan. 24, Niantic announced today.

The limited-time event, which will only be active for three days, will see the Legendary Pokemon (and perhaps their shiny forms as well) appear in multiple Gyms across the globe for any budding trainers who haven’t added them to their collections yet.

The Pokémon will be a standard five-star raid, meaning trainers will need to work together to have a chance at beating and capturing both of them. Niantic advises that teams of at least 10 trainers work together, so be sure to grab a lot of friends.

For those unfamiliar with the duo, they’re both Dragon and Psychic-type Pokémon. Using moves that are strong against these Pokémon, such as Ice, Bug, Ghost, Dark, and Fairy, is essential to victory.

Trainers only have until Jan. 27 to grab Latios and Latias before they go away once again for an unknown amount of time.