Jankos slams desk after dying to an Aphelios he didn’t see

The Polish streamer couldn't find the source of the damage until it was too late.

Image via Riot Games

Death is inevitable in League of Legends. Competing against other players who are out to kill you and capture your objective demands sneaky plays and anticipating your opponent’s moves. When those moves come from offscreen, it’s infuriating.

Polish professional jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski experienced this first hand. While livestreaming League today, the streamer took damage from an enemy Aphelios he couldn’t see.

In the match, Jankos found himself taking damage from an unknown source. The enemy Aphelios can be seen on the left edge of his screen, unnoticed by Jankos during the match. But this didn’t stop Aphelios from targeting him.

Using his ranged attacks, Aphelios sniped the unaware player from across the Rift, eventually killing him. Jankos’ panic and anger built as the damage took its toll.

“How am I getting hit?” he repeated with each blow, ending in a furious and confused table slam.

Jankos is a Polish League pro who’s been a part of the game since the first season. He played on the North American servers from Poland for some time before joining his friends on the European servers. He shifted teams throughout his professional career and now plays for G2 Esports, where he’ll likely face some pros using Aphelios next year.