Is Teleport a summoner spell in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

Where did they hide Teleport, again?

Image via Riot Games

It took quite longer than expected for one of the most popular MOBA games in the world to hit the mobile market. Though many League of Legends fans believed a simple port with adjusted controls would be more than enough, Riot Games took the initiative to design its most successful creation from scratch.

Wild Rift was created from the ground up so it would be compatible with all mobile devices running Android and iOS with no performance issues. In addition to technical changes behind the scene, Riot also introduced gameplay changes to make games more comfortable to play on mobile platforms. The controls are different from the PC version, while there are also a few in-game elements that are nothing like how they are in League.

How can you use Teleport in Wild Rift?

Summoner spells do exist in Wild Rift, and they’re a core part of the gameplay. But you may realize that the list is missing a couple of familiar names. Clarity, Cleanse, and Teleport aren’t listed as Summoner Spells in Wild Rift.

While Clarity and Cleanse don’t exist in the game, Teleport doesn’t share the same faith as them. Teleport was added into Wild Rift as an Enchant item which can be bought as third-level upgrades for your boots. You can only purchase one Enchant item for a single pair of boots, and you’ll need to pick between other powerful effects.

Upgrading your boots in Wild Rift costs 1,000 gold, and you’ll need to spend another 1,000 to get the Teleport Enchant. It works just like the way it does in League and teleports players to an allied champion, structure, or ward after a 3.5-second channeling effect. The Teleport Enchant has a cooldown timer of 180 seconds, and the other Enchant options include:

You’ll need to upgrade your boots once before purchasing the Teleport Enchant, and it’ll become an activated ability of your boots after getting it.

Though Riot didn’t disclose why they decided to exclude Teleport from the list of summoner spells, it only makes sense since the map is considerably smaller than the PC version of Summoner’s Rift. You’ll be moving around way faster, and considering the power-spikes some champions can have in the early game, a ganking Teleport could start a snowball effect with a little opportunity for any counter plays.

This change forces Teleport to be a mid-game element where almost all champions will be equipped to take on fights or have the necessary means to run away from them.