IRL streamer confesses to cheating live, refuses to turn stream off

"I kissed Tina four days ago.”

Screengrab via Oddshot Compilations

A Twitch IRL streamer made the strange and unfortunate decision to livestream the moment in which he admitted to cheating on his girlfriend on Wednesday.

In a now viral stream that has many online questioning streamer Hyubsama’s intentions and thought process, him and his girlfriend, fellow Twitch streamer Starbitzychan, went to a small restaurant to hang out.

In the full video (which has since been deleted by Hyubsama), the topic of his ex-girlfriend Tina comes up when he tells Star about her coming over to his place recently. As he continued, Star can be seen becoming progressively more worried about where the story was going.

“I didn’t cheat,” Hyubsama said to the stream after reading a text from his phone.

Roughly seven seconds later, he turned to Star and said, “I kissed a girl. I kissed Tina four days ago.”

Star’s face immediately turned to sadness as she processed what she had just been told.

The video itself is somewhat uncomfortable to watch, considering this was a very personal matter that had just been broadcast to Hyubsama’s 57,000 followers. Unfortunately, matters only got more troubling and upsetting as the conversation went on.

“That’s cheating,” Star said. “That’s cheating. That’s cheating. That’s cheating.”

Star stood up and began collecting her things while Hyubsama kept begging her to sit back down. He asked for a chance to explain, however, Star made it clear that there wasn’t much else that needed to be said.

“But we were together for a long time,” Hyubsama said in reference to the ex-girlfriend he kissed.

“I don’t care if you’re together for a long time,” Star said. “You have a new girlfriend, and you kissed another girl while you’re with a girl.”

The full conversation went on for more than an hour. Over the course of the stream, Hyubsama made it clear that he didn’t understand the gravity of the situation and acted inappropriately.

When Star asked why he told her this on stream, he repeatedly said, “I’m rich, I don’t need the money,” offering no real explanation. He reacted joyously when he received a $100 donation as if it was just another regular stream. Someone donated with the name “Starbitzychan,” to which he laughed at and jokingly asked Star why she donated to him.

The worst part about his behavior was when he appeared to drag Star back into the restaurant after she had collected her things and left.  

He continued to overstep boundaries when Star came to his apartment complex later that night in hopes of talking to him off stream. Hyubsama set the camera down on the floor out of sight while he walked to the end of the hallway to talk to Star.

“End your stream,” she said. “End it now.”

“I ended it,” he said, bending over and pretending to touch his camera while not actually turning the stream off.

Star began walking toward the camera suspecting the stream was still on, but Hyubsama stopped her by stepping in front of her.

“I’m checking your stream if you actually ended it and you didn’t because you’re a liar,” Star said after she pulled out her phone.

“I asked you to come downstairs without the stream,” she said, now with Hyubsama holding the camera up and admitting the stream is still on. “The one wish that you could’ve saved this relationship, and you chose not to.”

Hyubsama hands the camera over to Star and tells her to end the stream.

“I love you guys, you’re amazing,” Star said into the camera. Shortly after, she ended the stream.

A condensed summary of the events can be seen above. While Hyubsama has streamed since the argument and now jokes about it, Star hasn’t returned to Twitch yet.