Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Livestream Promises Esports and Multiplayer Fixes

In Infinity Ward's Multiplayer Livestream, the Infinite Warfare developer revealed several updates for esports and multiplayer. See what else they revealed in this general recap.

Infinity Ward took to Twitch today on its main channel, detailing changes coming to Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer and esport features while playing in a multiplayer lobby.

Specifically, MP Lead Designer Joe Cecot, Multiplayer Designer David Mickner, and Community Manager Ashton Williams attempted to play Team Deathmatch while giving updates on what the studio is changing. 

Here is a list of what was gathered from the livestream.


  • All energy weapons will not have ricochet in CWL/esport playlists and events.
  • Hybrid weapons (i.e. OSA, Type-2) will be locked to their default fire method in esport games.
  • Search and Destroy bomb sites will be moved for several maps.
    • Breakout: Both bomb sites will move across the map.
    • Frost: A bomb site
    • Precinct: B bomb site
    • Scorch: B bomb site
    • Retaliation: A bomb site will move to the Bridge.
    • Throwback: A bomb site will have a small tweak, B bomb site will be moved signficantly to under the Silo.
      (Frost, Retaliation, Scorch and Throwback are a part of the first CWL Rules to use for the year).
  • Thinking about extending class selection time before the pre-round countdown.
  • End of round audio cues will be adjusted and still being tuned.
  • Hardpoint spawns will be adjusted for Precinct.
  • Adjusting start spawns and goals for Precinct near Slums, along with the reset boundaries.
  • Cloak, Reaper, and Armor Payloads: Carrying an objective (flag or ball) or planting/difusing will have these payloads drain two times as fast.
  • Rewind/Teleport will automatically drop an objective, such as a flag or ball.
  • Secondary weapons that are not banned are open to everyone outside of draft.
  • Reduced Scarab killstreak time.

General Multiplayer:

  • Double XP/Weapon XP will be activated for this upcoming weekend.
  • Daily log-in bonuses have gotten a boost; Mickner admitted that the they were being “stingy” with log-in bonuses and Keys
  • Volk will be nerfed in next patch update.
  • More guns into the crafting pool.
  • PC “surprise” will happen soon.
  • FFA Hardcore and Infected coming into public matches.
  • Shotguns received a consistency and range buff.
  • Next weapon to get a nuke trait will be the Type-2.
  • Next weekend will bring a new mode, “those who love the classic Call of Duty will love.”
  • Advanced UAV will not be countered by Ghost.
  • Will add score, killstreak selection into hardcore modes.
  • Chat asked about leaderboards, Williams said leaderboards are coming. After several follow up questions, said to “ask anything else that’s not about leaderboards.”

Do you think these changes are enough for Infinite Warfare? What else needs to be done?

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.