Immortals win Overwatch Carbon Series in overtime Dorado payload push

LG Evil's reign of terror in the Overwatch Carbon Series is over.

A tornado sweeping through Ohio put the Overwatch Carbon Series grand finals on hold, as Luminosity Gaming Evil team captain Jake Lyon retreated to his basement for cover. When he returned, however, it wasn’t Mother Nature that LG Evil had to worry about: It was Immortals.

After a month of tournament play, the Overwatch Carbon Series came to its conclusion on March 26, pitting Immortals versus LG Evil in a best-of-five grand finals match. Both teams 3-0’ed their opponents, compLexity Gaming and Renegades, respectively, in the semifinals—securing themselves as the best of the best in North American Overwatch.

And it all came down to a tense defense on Dorado.

Unable to push the payload much further than Dorado’s first checkpoint, LG Evil was forced to mount a solid defense in a tie-breaking overtime to keep Immortals from besting their distance. Immortals, however, had two minutes more than LG Evil in pushing the Dorado payload.

Immortals had enough time to slow push the payload into the Dorado courtyard, while LG Evil had to hold the first checkpoint to stay alive in the tournament and force the tournament to the fifth map.

But it never came to that—though Immortals only had to win one fight to get the payload to the golden parking space, they took their time in committing to a fight. But a clutch pick off by Athen “Aythen” Zhu on Ana was enough momentum to kick off the beginning of the end. Once Aythen plucked Jake, on Pharah, out of the sky—moments before a potential Rocket Barrage—the final push begins. Christopher “GrimReality” Schaefer finishes off LG Evil’s own Ana, while George “Hyped” Maganzini cleans up the rest of LG Evil with a Graviton Surge.

With all LG Evil players off the Dorado payload, Immortals slid into the point with more than one minute to spare, becoming the Overwatch Carbon Series champions. But this budding rivalry isn’t over just yet: Both Immortals and LG Evil will likely see battle again when Group A of the Overwatch Pit tournament kicks off next month.