Hungrybox: LeBron James ‘not as busted’ as other MultiVersus characters

Hungrybox has a take on King James.

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LeBron James’ MultiVersus announcement was met with both excitement and bewilderment, but fighting game veteran Hungrybox was quick to praise the game’s most recent addition, which he said is balanced well so far.

Super Smash Bros. Melee legend and Twitch streamer Hungrybox was among the first players to test out MultiVersus’ latest and highly anticipated addition to its unorthodox cast of characters. After some time playing as the four-time NBA Champion, Hungrybox gave his first impressions of the character.

“I know it’s a first glance, but he doesn’t seem as busted as some of the other guys so far,” Hungrybox said. “Obviously I’m trying to figure it out too. There’s clearly a lot more to him.”

As Hungrybox continued his venture into MultiVersus‘ player-vs-player arena as LeBron James, he continued to find out more about the character’s strengths and weaknesses. After losing to both Finn and Aria Stark players, the platforming fighting aficionado commented on LeBron’s weakness to sword characters and those with longer-ranged attacks.

Not without his clear strengths, Hungrybox was receptive to the character’s up-and-down air dunking attacks. The Melee major winner also took well to LeBron James’ ball mechanics, with his three-pointer move being a particularly excellent tool for edge guarding.

LeBron James’ release made waves in the growing MultiVersus community, both as the game’s first newly released playable character and in the notoriety of the character’s likeness. For now, it seems that some of the most veteran platform fighters are happy with LeBron James’ release.