How to watch the Peace Elite Asia Invitational (PEI) 2021: Format, Teams, and more

Fifteen of Asia's best teams will battle for a share of the $462,000 prize pool.

Image via Tencent

The Peace Elite Asia Invitational (PEI) 2021 will bring together the top 15 teams from across the continent and they will battle for a share of the 3 million Chinese Yuan prize pool (about $462,000) from April 27 to 29. 

The PEI will be played on Peacekeeper Elite, which is the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. This will be the first international event for the game since the Global Championship (PMGC) in January 2021. All teams will be competing remotely. 

Here is everything you need to know about the PEI Asia 2021. 


  • The PEI will be played in a first-person perspective (FPP). 
  • Five matches will take place each day for a total of 15 matches, according to Liquipedia

Points Distribution

In the first and second safe zones, each kill will be worth two points. The remaining safe zones, on the other hand, will grant just one point per kill. 

Here is the placement distribution for the PEI 2021. 

  • First place: 12 points
  • Second place: 10 points
  • Third place: Eight points
  • Fourth place: Seven points
  • Fifth place: Six points
  • Seventh and Eighth place: Two points
  • Ninth to 11th place: One point
  • 12th to 15th place: Zero points


All 15 teams have qualified through local tournaments around the world which includes the PUBG Mobile Pro Leagues and the Peacekeeper Elite League.


  • Team Weibo
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Huya FA


  • Valdus Esports
  • Power888 KPS


  • Dingoz MPX
  • Team Secret


  • Geek Fam ID
  • Bigetron RA


  • HVNB
  • Eagle Esport


  • DRS Gaming


  • Z3US Esports


  • Reject

South Korea

  • Warriors Esports


All matches will be livestreamed on Huya and Douyu from 5am CT onwards.