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How to watch Twitch Rivals: Zero Build Showdown featuring Fortnite

No build, no problem.

Image via Epic Games.

Twitch Rivals is hosting another Zero Build Showdown this week featuring Fortnite with three separate competitions in different regions. A total prize pool of $300,000 is up for grabs.

North America, Latin America, and EMEA each have their own times slotted out for zero build Fortnite action between Saturday and Sunday, and there are up to 33 trios competing in each of the regions, tallying just under 300 competitors in total. 

The Europe, Middle East, and Africa contest will take place first on Saturday at 12pm CT. That will be followed up in the evening with the Latin American competition at 6pm CT, and North America’s showdown will come the following day, Sunday, at 4pm CT.

The Zero Build Challenge can be watched on the official Twitch Rivals channel, but you can also check out each participant’s perspective by checking their personal Twitch pages during the competition. 

The trios contests will all take place in a custom match and play six games in total. Teams will earn points for eliminations and get a hefty bonus depending on where they place in each match. A Victory Royale is worth 18 points, and placing second through fifth nets your team 15. The other teams in the top 10 get 12 points. There is a decreasing bonus that scales depending on your placement. Teams that finish a match 26th or lower get no points.

The payout for the event is $21,000 for the first-place team, divided evenly among members. Second place per region gets $15,000, and third place gets $10,500. The rest of the teams also have a scaling payout based on placement as well, with even the worst teams getting $600 in total.