How to watch the Twitch Rivals 2-vs-2 Elden Ring Challenge

Don't miss the exciting Elden Ring event.

Image via FromSoftware

The Twitch Rivals two-vs-two Elden Ring Challenge will feature multiple pairs of streamers facing each other in intense battles to the death. 

Elden Ring is one of the most popular games of 2022. Thousands of players have ventured into the Lands Between to face difficult enemies in the vast world. The game also features PvP combat, allowing players to face each other and test their mettle on real opponents. While most players can hold their own against AI enemies, facing another Tarnished is an entirely different experience. 

Fans can tune in to this event to see teams of popular streamers compete against one another in exciting Elden Ring matchups. Here is a list of all teams participating in the Twitch Rivals two-vs-two Elden Ring Challenge:

  • Mendo and xQc
  • Disguised Toast and BoxBox
  • Lirik and LobosJr
  • Maximum and Oroboro
  • Adeptthebest and ItsHappens
  • ARRUUU and Larxa
  • Girl_dm_ and SyroobeNA
  • MurderCrumpet and margot

Here is a breakdown of the first matchups of the event in both brackets:

  • Team adeptthebest vs. Team MurderCrumpet
  • Team girl_dm_ vs. Team LIRIK
  • Team ARUUU vs. Team Mendo
  • Team DisguisedToast vs. Team Maximum

Each team only has two hours to create a PvP class on fresh accounts and has a level cap of 50. Teams will earn points based on their placement in the brackets, ranging from eight points for first place to one point for fifth-to-eighth place. The winning team will receive a “special commemorative trophy for first place in both halves of the event,” according to an official blog post

The event starts at 4pm CT today and will be streamed on the Twitch Rivals account.