How to watch the PlayStation 5 games reveal “The Future of Gaming”

The newest and hottest games will be revealed.

Image via PlayStation

The PlayStation 5 is coming this year and Sony is finally ready to show off some of the games that will be coming with its newest console.

A livestream presentation will go live on June 11 at 3pm CT where Sony will reveal the newest and biggest games coming out for the PS5.

Touting “lightning speed” of a custom CPU, GPU, and SSD, the PS5 will stand alongside the Xbox Series X as the next generation of gaming consoles. The technology is rumored to be state of the art.

But a console without games doesn’t mean much and that’s where this presentation comes in. The show will unveil what everyone will be playing come PS5 release time or sometime after.

Here’s how to watch the PS5’s “The Future of Gaming” reveal.

How to watch the PlayStation 5 reveal

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the reveal will be digital only, which means everyone will have the same exact front row seat to the “future of gaming,” as Sony is calling this presentation.

The reveal of the PS5’s games that’s set to take place on June 11 will be streamed in two main locations: PlayStation’s Twitch channel and PlayStation’s YouTube channel. It doesn’t matter where you watch because the presentation will be the same on both.

You can head over to PlayStation’s Twitch or YouTube channel at 3pm CT on June 11 to view the presentation.