How to watch the CoD: Mobile World Championship Garena Qualifier

One spot in the 2021 World Championship Finals is up for grabs.

Image via Activision

The fourth stage in the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021 for Garena will be held from Oct. 7 to 17, and 12 teams from across Southeast Asia will be competing for a single spot in the World Championship Finals.

Call of Duty: Mobile has three different versions: global, Chinese, and Garena. While the game has been published globally by Activision, Garena has maintained the responsibility in SEA.

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Thus, the qualification process for the World Championship Finals is slightly different. Here is everything you need to know about the Garena World Qualifier.


  • The qualifier will be played in two stages.
    • Group Stage: Oct. 7 to 12
    • Playoffs: Oct. 16 and 17
  • The 12 teams have been split into two groups of six teams each.
  • Teams will compete in their group for a spot in the playoffs.
  • The exact number of teams that will advance to the playoffs from each group hasn’t been revealed yet.


The following teams have made it to the regional qualifier through different national tournaments.


  • RIMO Sadewa
  • DG Esports


  • SEM9
  • Yoodo RSG


  • Blacklist Ultimate
  • Omega Esports


  • M42 Esports


  • Sharper Esport


  • AFN Gaming
  • Raptor.DNS


Screengrab via Garena


All matches will be streamed on the official Garena CoD: Mobile YouTube and Facebook channels. It will begin at 5am CT.