How to watch the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship North America regional playoffs

One team will make it to the World Championship Finals 2020.

Image via Activision

The North American representative at the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship Finals 2020 will be decided this weekend. The regional playoffs for North America will be played on Oct. 24 and 25. 

The regional playoffs are being played online. Eight teams will be competing over the weekend for a prize pool of $50,000 and one slot to the World Championship Finals. Activision and Sony have sent all players the Sony Xperia 5 II to ensure fairness and competitive integrity in the playoffs.  

Here is everything you need to know about the event


  • Eight teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket. 
  • If the team which has made it to through the losers bracket to the finals wins, another match will be played between the two teams to decide the champions. 
  • All matches will be the best-of-five rounds with each round being the best-of-five matches. Here is the flow of rounds in the playoffs. The same format of the first two rounds will be followed in the fourth and fifth rounds as well. 
Game oneGame twoGame threeGame fourGame five
RoundHardpointSearch and DestroyDominationHardpointSearch and Destroy
OneStandoffMeltdownFiring RangeCrashCrossfire
TwoCrashStandoffMeltdownSummitFiring Range
ThreeSummitFiring RangeStandoffCrossfireMeltdown


The teams which have qualified for the North America regional playoffs are as follows:

  • Nova Esports
  • XSET Gaming
  • Tribe Gaming
  • Team Penetrate
  • Truly
  • GENE Gaming 
  • Strike Zone
  • Violence

Prize Pool

The prize pool will be divided between the eight teams as follows:

  • First place: $15,000 and a slot at the World Championship Finals
  • Second place: $10,000
  • Third place: $8,000
  • Fourth place: $5,000
  • Fifth to sixth place: $3,500
  • Seventh to eighth place: $2,500


All games will be livestreamed in English on Call of Duty: Mobile’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. It will kick-off at 2pm CT.