How to watch MTG Mythic Championship VII

A total prize pool of $750,000 is on the line.

MTG Mythic Championship III top four players
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The last major Magic: The Gathering tournament of the year played in MTG Arena begins this weekend. 

Mythic Championship VII starts Dec. 6. There’s a $750,000 prize pool, with the winner earning $100,000. All three days of the tournament are being livestreamed on Magic’s Twitch channel.

The first two days will feature Swiss rounds in a best-of-three Standard format. Four Magic Pro League Division winners from the ELD split have a day-one bye. Day three will include a double-elimination bracket composed of the top-eight players from days one and two. A full breakdown of each day, along with Mythic Point rewards and standings earnings, can be found here

Players competing at Mythic Championship VII include the MPL roster and Challengers consisting of those who qualified via the Arena MCQ and discretional invites. Several well-known Magic streamers and pros will cast the tournament.

  • Sean “Day9” Potts: Hosting
  • Maria Bartholdi: Desk lead
  • Marshall Sutcliffe: Play-by-play commentary
  • AliasV:  Play-by-play commentary
  • Paul Cheon:  Play-by-play commentary
  • Brian Kibler:  Play-by-play commentary
  • Cedric Phillips:  Play-by-play commentary
  • Becca Scott: Post-interviewer on the floor.

MCVII is the last major tournament of the 2019 season and will determine a seat at the Magic World Championship. Mythic Points earned by competitors who aren’t in the MPL will also matter since the top-two ranked Challengers earn a guaranteed seat on the 2020 MPL roster. 

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Mythic Championship VII starts at 11am CT on Dec. 6 to 8 via Magic’s Twitch channel.