How to watch Minecraft Championships (MCC) 15

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Screengrab via Noxcrew

Time flies by when you have something to look forward to each month, and that has been the Minecraft Championships (MCC) for a decent chunk of Minecraft fans. The scene may have felt a little less exciting when the event was on a break, but SMP servers were able to keep the fans occupied until the prime time Minecraft event came back for its second season.

Though previous events were streamed on Twitch, the last iteration of MCC, Pride 2021, was sponsored by YouTube Gaming. Due to this sponsorship deal, the admin stream was on YouTube. It looks like this deal was only exclusive for the last event since MCC 15’s banner didn’t feature YouTube Gaming.

This means that the event will be back on Twitch, and players will be able to tune into the admin stream through Noxcrew’s official channel

Following the mainstream is just one of the ways of watching MCC, though. Each MCC participant is also allowed to stream the event from their point of view. While it can be hard to follow all the players, the number of competitors will decrease as the event moves onto its final stages. When there are less players, it’ll be easier to tune into multiple streams.

Start the event on the mainstream and slowly tune into your favorite content creators’ feeds if they’re still in the tournament. Hearing all the team communications and excitement of the players adds a lot to the MCC experience.

Noxcrew generally starts announcing the teams a couple of days before the event, allowing players to come up with their own watching routines before MCC kicks off. If you drift off the mainstream through the later stages of the event, don’t forget to tune back in after the final game since the admin stream will be the place to be as the event wraps up. Winners’ interviews, closing remarks, and hints regarding the next event can also be given during this stage.

MCC 15 will go live on July 24. Though Noxcrew hasn’t officially announced a specific hour for the event, MCC generally goes live around 2pm CT.