How to watch Minecraft MC Championships (MCC) 14, Season 2

Buckle up.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

The 14th iteration of the MC Championship is finally getting ready for a debut as the second season of the event was scheduled to kick off on May 29. Teams of YouTubers and streamers will, once again, battle each other in various maps to prove which one has better skills in Minecraft.

Though Noxcrew, the event’s organizer, hasn’t disclosed when the stream would start, the previous event generally went live around 2pm CT on the admin stream. Tuning in to the main stream is just one way of watching the event, however. With the number of content creators participating, there will be lots of different spectating options.

Each participant will have the option to broadcast their point-of-view on their stream, meaning you’ll also be able to watch the event from a squad’s perspective. Though swapping around the streams can look like too much work, it definitely adds to the experience since you’ll be able to hear the team comms in intense moments.

For the ideal watching experience, you could have the main stream running in the beginning and have the streams of your favorite streamers on other tabs to switch when they’re under the spotlight. Switching back to the main broadcast during breaks is also recommended as the casters try their best to go over all the important events that unfolded in the previous mini-game.

As Noxcrew starts announcing the teams, viewers will be able to plan ahead when it comes to how they’d like to watch the tournament. While the first stages of the tournament tend to be quite chaotic, you should be able to switch around streams more easily with more teams getting eliminated. Having everyone’s point of view, especially during the finals will be something that all Minecraft fans should try out. When the stakes are at their highest, emotions will run high and having both sides’ streams open will let you experience the truest form of what MCC has to offer.